Flocabulary Makes Rap for the Class of 2010

Flocabulary has made an amazing gift for all of the high school graduates. This gift is a compilation of “(nearly) all the major headlines of your life. In rap.” Check out this awesome music video of the most important events that have impacted the past 18 years and shaped the lives of many recent high school graduates, all students, and people around the world.

The students of the high school class of 2010 – all 3.3 million of them – have celebrated their successful completion of their mandatory public education. Many have had parties and received presents from family members and friends. At my own graduation party, my mom presented me with a quilt she had made from many of my old t-shirts, including my t-ball jersey, my fifth grade musical shirt, and a Class of 2007 shirt. She made this quilt to remind me of the first 18 years of my life, and I love it.
Via Flocabulary