Kandy Fish Is an Interactive Picture Book for iPad

Reminiscent of The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister, Kandy Fish from Punflay is an educational iPad app that’s aimed at teaching preschoolers colors and shapes. The main feature of the app is an iterative picture book that kids can either watch as an animated cartoon or experience in a “book” format with a voice-over feature that reads the text as the user turns each page. The colorful fish teach a lesson in color, shape and direction.
The app also features four age-appropriate games. “Kandy Kolor” is a virtual coloring book, depicting the pages of the picture book. Preschoolers and kindergartners will enjoy this activity, although older users who wish to color “inside the lines” may find the touch-screen capacities on the iPad somewhat limited for drawing. The “Color Pots” game develops color and matching skills, and the “Kandy Fun” game helps kids identify patterns. The “Kandy Time” game teaches preschoolers about shape and direction. “Kandy Time” is slightly less intuitive than the other games, so kids might need a parent or older sibling to show them how to play.
All of the games feature colorful animations. Overall, this game is an entertaining and innovative app based on the idea of a picture book. I hope that Punflay will expand their digital library of picture books to include more reading-based learning games.
Download the Kandy Fish iPad app here.
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