15 Worst Questions to Ask a Potential Employer

During a job interview, recruiters expect interviewees to ask questions. While it’s important to find out the information you need, the questions you ask are also revealing. Interviewers will use the questions you ask to determine how much candidates want the position.
The best questions to ask when you are interviewing for a job are open-ended and show that you’re eager to contribute. The worst can imply that you are looking to avoid work, self-interested, unprepared or engaged in illegal activities. A bad question can be a red flag to a potential employer.

Here are 15 example questions to avoid:
1. How many days off will I get?
2. What does this company do?
3. Do I actually have to be sick to take a sick day?
4. How long does it take to get a raise?
5. Can I leave early if I finish all my work?
6. Will anyone mind if I’m late?
7. What is the drug abuse policy?
8. Can I bring my pet to the office?
9. How long can I take for lunch?
10. How much money do I get in my expense account?
11. How soon before I can change my schedule?
12. What are your psychiatric benefits?
13. Do I have to do work on the weekends?
14. How many warnings do you get before getting fired?
15. How many people have you fired?

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