Logo Helps Graduates Find Their First Careers

Have you ever used a job board? They are a great way to find a job, if you do not mind checking back multiple times each day and competing against other people who may or may not be embellishing their resumes in order to sound better qualified. In my opinion, the biggest problem with job boards is that most really are not regulated as strongly as they should be. I mean, we are talking about people’s future careers; shouldn’t this be handled a little more carefully? allows job searchers to connect with the future employers of their dreams. evidently thought so. is not a job board, but it is a great way to connect with employers and find your first career.
Think of it as an eHarmony for job seekers and employers. Both sides create profiles; for the seekers, the profile is based on career interests, experience, education, and skills. then compares the profiles and introduces companies and job-seekers that form compatible matches. is not free, but when you consider the time and effort you will save by not checking multiple job boards every day, the $20 membership fee is well worth the cost. Also, your membership does not expire until three years after you graduate. So, if you sign up for during your first year of undergraduate work and go on to pursue your graduate degree, you would be a member of for up to nine years. That’s a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.
With today’s job market becoming harder and harder to break into, future job seekers need all the help they can get. is a great resource to help you establish connections, create social networks, and find your dream job after graduation.