34 Research Paper Topics That Are Proven To Get An A+

34 Research Paper Topics That Are Proven To Get An A+

The most struggling part of writing a research paper is finding a topic to write about. We have compiled a huge list of research paper topics that could get you an A+ on your next paper.

These topics vary from government policy to religion, fitness, and even Donald Trump. These starting topics should help your brain kick in gear:

  1. Oil Companies – How much money are oil companies really making?
  2. Gun Laws – Should we amend the Second Amendment?
  3. School Lunches – Should government regulate what schools are serving for lunch?
  4. Climate Change – Is climate change a hoax? How does Al Gore play a role in climate change?
  5. College Athletics – Should NCAA pay college athletes? Should they receive free room & board, food, stipends?
  6. Coal – Should coal be banned?
  7. Smoking ban – Should the government banned indoor smoking nationwide?
  8. Terrorism – Can we really stop terrorism?
  9. Anxiety – Is anxiety the norm?
  10. Marijuana – Should the government make weed legal nationwide?
  11. Child soldiers – Why countries won’t stop child slavery?
  12. Divorce – Is divorce the only way out?
  13. Felons – Should convicted felons vote? Should previous convicted felons vote?
  14. School religion – Should schools take religion out of school?
  15. Church – Should pastors be paid?
  16. Wages – Should there be a maximum wage?
  17. Women’s Wage – Should women get paid the same as men?
  18. Sports – Should parents push their kids to play sports? Does this create anxiety among the child (or the parent)?
  19. Organs – Should the selling of human organs be legal?
  20. Internet – Does the internet make children smarter or not?
  21. Gay marriage – Is it right in the eyes of God?
  22. Cyber crime – How do hackers actually steal credit cards and make money?
  23. Cyber war – Should the US declare cyber war on other countries?
  24. Cheaters – Should we prosecute when cheating on a spouse?
  25. Paparazzi – Should the paparazzi have more laws applied to them?
  26. Presidential race – Why has Trump-Clinton become the most publicized presidential race in history?
  27. Suicide bomber – Why does someone become a suicide bomber? Do they have a choice? Are they brainwashed?
  28. Fitness – Should healthcare companies require members to do fitness weekly?
  29. Isis war – Is the US lead coalition winning the war against ISIS?
  30. Data cap – Should Internet providers cap bandwidth? Should they give a “fast lane” for an increased monthly billing charge?
  31. US Infrastructure – Why are our roads, electric and bridges far behind other countries?
  32. Homeland security – Are we safer due to the creation of this department?
  33. TSA – Are they doing any good to the country?
  34. Pilots – Should airline pilots carry guns?

We hope that you get your research paper writing started today. We thought long and hard on topics to help you out.
The thing that makes our list different is the up to date and current event topics. Our list is also easy to read and not 20 pages long.
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