4 Avoidable Spring Break Disasters

Spring break trips can go from fun and relaxing to disastrous and stressful in an instant. Losing your wallet or spending all morning hung-over can really destroy your trip.
Before you pack your bags for sunny Cancun or glitzy Las Vegas, read these tips on how to avoid common mistakes that come with Spring Break vacations.
Sunburns: Everyone wants to have a glowing tan when they come back from Spring Break, but sun blisters and peeling skin can ruin your holiday. Skip the sun lotion and slather on some sun block that has an SPF of no less than 30. Be sure to read the directions and re-apply as needed.

Hangovers: If you don’t know your drinking limit yet, Spring Break is not the time to test it out. Take it easy. Sip your alcoholic beverage slowly, and be sure to drink plenty of water before you go to bed. In the morning, eat a light breakfast like cereal or dry toast. Also, be sure to rehydrate with more water and Gatorade.
Going broke: Relying on only the cash in your pocket won’t get you far. It’s hard to budget Spring Break trips unless you’ve vacationed at that particular spot before. Even then, unexpected expenses pop up, like needing extra money for a taxi or having to pay $15 for sun block at the gift shop because you left yours at home. Either bring that emergency credit card with you, or make sure that you have plenty of money in checking to get you by.
Getting robbed/losing wallet: You always want to keep your money as secure as possible. And no, stuffing your wallet in your tennis shoes or covering it up with a towel while you’re swimming in the pool isn’t secure. If the hotel or resort offers locker rentals, take advantage of that. Don’t carry all your cash and cards at once. Make use of that hotel safe, and leave some of your credit cards, check cards and passport there.
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