4 Tips to Parking Your Car on Campus

Although having a car in college is a major convenience, it can come with some headaches too. Things like parking tickets and auto theft may have you wondering if having a car on campus is worth it.
Want to avoid these nuisances? Read these tips to keep you, your valuables and your car safe.
Leave it in your trunk, or take it with you: Even though your campus parking lot may be staffed with security patrol, college parking lots are still a hot stop for auto theft. Thieves may have sense of when most students are in class. Also, they may also know what time of day security is and isn’t making their rounds. If you don’t want to take your valuables with you to class, lock them in your trunk. At the very least, make sure your items are not in plain sight.
Always park in well-lit areas: Take as many precautions as possible, especially if you’re getting out of class late. Parking lots are one of the most common places for muggings to occur. Well-lit areas usually mean that there are security cameras close by to deter such criminal activity. Also, since there’s safety in numbers, always walk to your car with at least one other person.
Purchase a parking permit: You may think you’re saving money when you don’t purchase one, but wait until you get slapped with a parking ticket. Two parking tickets typically pay for it. Plus, your car is at risk to be towed if you’d don’t follow your school’s policy. Play it safe, and shell out the money the first time to avoid any fines.
Always plan for bad parking: You may think you’ll be one of the few lucky ones who gets a parking spot close to your classroom’s building. However, unless your class is early in the morning or late at night, you’ll likely spend a good amount of time circling the lot. Always allow yourself at least 15 minutes to find a spot. If you feel rushed to class, you could get flustered and decide to park in a handicap spot. Be smart; show up early, and park where you are supposed to.
Via The Students’ Blog
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