5 Back to School Tips for Adults

If you’re one of the many adult Americans heading back in to the classroom, we want to help arm you with information you need to make that a successful transition.
The Today Show recently featured Kim Clark from U.S. News and World Reports, who explains some of the things adult students need to know.
1. Seek a federally accredited institution. Without this, you’ll likely miss out on financial aid, credits will not transfer (to or from), and employers may not recognize the degree/diploma. Learn more about college accreditation.
2. Consider an online college. There’s a reason more than four million students attend these institutions and why their enrollment is growing at double-digit rates. They offer convenience, flexibility and are often more affordable. They’ve really upped their game making it worth your while.
3. Save money at community colleges. These are the best college bargain around and they offer the cheapest college courses.
4. Ask for free tuition. Given the state of the economy and number of lay-offs, some colleges are offering free tuition out of the goodness of their hearts. Find out if you qualify, or apply for the FAFSA to receive federal grants and loans.
5. Be tech savvy. Or at least be ready to embrace technology if you haven’t been in a classroom in a while.