5 Benefits of Home Schooling

Home schooling is now easier than ever. With the internet, instructional DVDs and satellite TV, parents are finding more reasons to teach their children at home. Here’s a list of five benefits that home schooling has over private or public schools.
1. One-on-one teaching: Classrooms are often over crowded. Children sometimes get lost in their studies due to lack of attention from the teacher. With one-on-one teaching, parents can make sure their children are paying attention and understanding the curriculum.
2. Flexibility: Strengths and weaknesses vary from student to student, and it is impossible to accommodate for that variance. Home schooling allows children to spend more time on the subjects they struggle with and move on in subjects they are mastering.
3. Avoid peer pressure: Teens often feel the need to commit certain transgressions to fit in at school. Drugs and alcohol can be a major concern for parents, but parents may be able to keep their children away from the negative influences by keeping their teens at home. Though parents can’t shelter their teens forever, they can use home school to reinforce good decision making and prepare their children for situations that may arise.
4. No homework: Home-schooled children have little, or no, homework because they can complete their assignments during class time. This leaves extra time for children to learn a new hobby, engage in local activities or simply have fun.
5. More time for field trips: Instead of art class children can visit the local museum. Instead of reading a chapter from the biology book, parents can take their children on a nature walk. There are no restrictions on the parents’ lesson plans, and they can often find activities that interest their children while teaching something new.
Via Sonlight Curriculum
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