5 Cheap and Easy Foods for College Super Bowl Parties

Whether you’re hosting a Super Bowl party in your dorm, student rec hall or at home, your guests will expect you to provide refreshments. You don’t have to go all out and get it catered or even spend the whole day in the kitchen.
Here’s a list of easy fix-its that your guests are sure to love:
Sandwiches: Save money by putting together your own meat and veggie platter. Pick croissants over regular sandwich bread, and don’t forget the condiments.
Nachos: You’re probably not surprised that nachos made the list. They’re easy to fix, and they go a long way. Sprinkle cheese, olives, chili peppers and black or pinto beans on top, and zap in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Buffalo wings: This is another Super Bowl favorite. Serve this as a trio-platter with celery sticks and mozzarella sticks. Also, serve with ranch dressing, marinara sauce and honey mustard.
Show-your-spirit cupcakes: It’s time to let your favorite team’s colors shine with dessert. In case you’re not up on the teams’ colors, yellow and green for the Green Bay Packers and black and gold for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Football cookies: Save time by purchasing the pre-made cookie dough. Your footballs don’t necessarily have to be brown. Once again, you can use the football teams’ colors. For extra festivity, write the teams’ names in icing.