5 Favorite Ways to Spend the Weekend in High School

As a high school student, as many other students, my favorite time of the week is by far the weekend. There are so many possibilities and the nicest thing about weekends, you control your schedule! Unlike at school you can decide what you want to do and when you want to do it! Here are my favorite ways to spend free time (and I am sure many of these work for anyone else out there with free time over the weekend!).
1. Football Games (in the fall)- Whether its Sunday football or my High School football team playing on a Friday night, I always love sitting down and catching a game. This really goes for any sport. During the winter it’s basketball and over the spring, while I’m not playing my own game of softball, I enjoy watching college softball or baseball.
2. Spending Time with Friends– Weekends are a great time to catch up with friends and just enjoy some time together without worrying in the back of your mind about some homework assignment or college essay that needs fixed. My favorite thing to do with my friends is to get a bunch of us together and have a movie night where we stay up until two or three in the morning and watch movies (either ridiculous, sad, scary, or funny).
3. Sleeping/Relaxing– The weekend is always a time when I finally get to catch up (some what!) on sleep lost throughout the week. I have always been a big sleeper and can sleep for 12 hours at a time, but it’s nice after I wake up because I feel like I actually got sleep. Or just picking a great book to sit down with and relax. Even just taking time out of your schedule to sit and give yourself a break is great!
4. Volunteer work– OK, so this may not be ideal for many kids my age, but I have always found volunteer work to be extremely rewarding! Whether it is with Scouts, my Youth Group, or a couple of friends, I always seem to have a great time giving back to the community and giving some of my spare time to help benefit others. And colleges love kids who are involved at school and in the community
5. Studying– So the whole point of weekends is to take breaks. Well, if you have a big test on Monday, it wouldn’t hurt to put on your brakes at some point throughout the weekend, crack open the books, and study for some time. Not saying studying for hours upon hours, but more like 30 minutess there and 30 minutes here will do the trick! If you have a class you have fallen behind in, the weekend is a great time to catch up!
So those are some of my ways to spend the weekend. I’m sure there are many other things that people enjoy doing that I didn’t list. Give me some ideas?