5 Fun Summer Activities That Won't Break the Bank

It’s summer time! This is my favorite time of the year because…drum roll please… there aren’t any classes! That’s right; school is out and you have three glorious months to do whatever you please. Isn’t it fantastic?
It’s absolutely wonderful until about three weeks into it, when you’ve slept in late every morning, lounged around in your pajamas all day, and caught up on all of your favorite television shows. Then, summer time can become a little boring.
Luckily, we’ve come up with a list of fun things you can do this summer to keep yourself entertained without breaking the bank. Here’s our list of the top five summer activities to make your summer as much fun as it possibly can be.
1. Start a book club with your friends. There are other books out there besides just textbooks.
Why it’s fun: You get to pick a few fun books to read with your friends, instead of slaving over a textbook and comparing notes over those readings. You’ll get to see your friends on a weekly basis and have something more interesting to talk about than which Kardashian sister has the best clothes.
How to keep it budget-friendly: Borrow books from your local library. You can also check out garage sales and second-hand book stores, which often sell books for as low as $0.50.
2. Get a Groupon. The Internet: Saving you money since the early 2000s.
Why it’s fun: There are so many fun experiences available on Groupon. For example, you could take dancing classes or book a weekend stay in a neighboring city for a fraction of the normal price.
How to keep it budget-friendly: Try to go in on your purchases with a group of friends. Groupon is already known for being budget-friendly, so even if you don’t have a big group to split up the cost, you will probably be spending less money anyway.
3. Have weekly dinner parties. Dinner parties are a great way to get your belly full and see friends.
Why it’s fun: An excuse to get together with your friends and eat a lot of tasty food? I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory.
How to keep it budget-friendly: Share the expense. Instead of having one person prepare the entire meal, assign one dish to each person. For example, one person can bring the appetizer, the host can have the main course, and someone else can bring desserts. Make sure to switch up the assignments each week so nobody ends up paying more than anybody else.
4. Get a season pass. Multiple opportunities to have a good time!
Why it’s fun: Season passes to local attractions (i.e. amusement parks, museums, community swimming pools, etc.) guarantee you unlimited access to fun events.
How to keep it budget-friendly: Season passes are the budget-friendly way to visit most of these attractions, if you plan on going often. Many season passes have a steep up-front price, so they are best to buy early in the season and then use often. If you can, consider sharing the pass with a friend to make it even cheaper.
5. Get a part-time job. “Wait a second, did she say ‘work?!'”
Why it’s fun: I know, I know, a job isn’t exactly what you think of as “fun.” But it really can be! Having a new summer job is a great way to meet new people and create a new friend group. This is especially important if you are spending the summer away from the people you usually spend your free time with. Also, depending on where you work, the job itself can be a lot of fun. Consider working at a place that appeals to you for some reason besides the paycheck that comes along with it to ensure that you’ll enjoy your time at work, instead of dreading it. Some places, like apparel stores, offer an employee discount, too! Check out our list of fun summer jobs!
How to keep it budget-friendly: Find a job that is close to your house so that you don’t have to waste a lot of gas driving to and from work. Also, look for a job that does not have many start-up costs, such as an expensive uniform or training that is required before you can start raking in the dough.
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