5 Fun Summer Date Ideas

Summer time is a great time to fall in love. Or at least to have a fun summer fling. But, let’s be honest, following the same dating pattern year round can get kind of boring. Who really wants to meet up for dinner, go see a movie, and then call it a night every season of the year? Not this girl, that’s for sure. So here are some fun, summery date ideas that you can try out this season to keep your love life from getting stale.
1. Show off your inner American Idol. Karaoke bars are a lot of fun, especially if you actually get up and perform. However, even if you don’t perform, this is a fun date because you can judge others on their abilities. Grab your date and some extra bravery and head on out to a local karaoke groove session.

2. Go for a picnic in the park. Pack your own lunches and find a shady spot under a tree in your favorite park. Take along your favorite childhood board game and show your date how awesome you are at Monopoly or Chutes and Ladders.

3. Challenge yourself with a mini-triathlon. A real triathlon takes a lot of planning and preparation to complete. However, your cutie and you can race each other on foot, on bike, and then swim several laps in your community pool. After you’ve burned off some major calories, treat each other to ice cream or a snow cone… Loser buys, of course.
4. Listen to some tunes at an outdoor concert. There are many outdoor concerts during the summer months, and although you might not have heard of the bands, these concerts are usually a lot of fun. Bring along some lawn chairs and a thermos of your favorite beverage to keep cool and comfy throughout the show.

5. Volunteer together. Many local charities experience a decrease in their number of volunteers during the summer months as families go away on vacation. Help make up for this dip in participants by volunteering with your sweetie at your favorite local charity. Whether it’s serving meals to the homeless, taking dogs on walks at the local pet-sanctuary, loading boxes at a food drive, giving blood, or picking up trash along the side of the road, you will feel accomplished and proud of yourselves after a day of volunteering. And you’ll probably have some fun while doing it as well.
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