5 Halloween Candies to Stay Away From

On campus, nothing quite says Halloween like massive bowls of candy filled with Snickers, Blow Pops and fun-size packages of Skittles.
You’re probably thinking that a little candy here and there through the month of October is no biggie, but if you’re trying to avoid the Freshman 15, or any 15 for that matter, consuming all that candy can ruin your healthy eating habits. Though it’s tempting to dig into those ever-so-colorful bowls of candy that are so conveniently positioned at every front desk on campus, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself if you resist.
Here’s five high calorie candies to stay away from, with their five, respective, calorie-cutting replacements.
Milky Way: Don’t satisfy your chocolate craving with these little devils. Two fun-size bars are 150 calories. Instead, pick the treat-size Milk Duds, which are only 40 calories.
Reese’s Cup: You’ll have to hit the gym extra hard because two cups amount to 160 calories. A handful of candy corns, 11 pieces to be exact, are only 70 calories.
Kit Kat: We all need a break, and Kit Kat claims to provide it. But consider the work needed to burn those two fun-size bars that total 100 calories. Take a real break by choosing a treat-size package of Sweet Tarts, which are only 50 calories.
Twix: One fun-size bar is 80 calories. You won’t undo your day if you pick one treat-size package of Twizzlers, which is only 45 calories.
M&M’s: You’ll have to burn an extra 180 calories if you eat two fun-size packages of these. Let them melt in your hand and eat a handful of Tootsie Rolls instead; they’re only 13 calories a piece.
The best way to battle Halloween candy is to avoid it all together. It’s going to take some will power. We often associate candy with this care-free feeling that brings us back to our childhood, but you have to change your mind set. Candy is wasted calories; not to mention, they cause cavities.
Via Fitness Tips for Life
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