5 Horrible College Fashion Trends

College is the melting pot of fashion. Students are discovering their sense of self, and with that comes some pretty awesome trends. But unfortunately, they’re not all going to make it in the fashion hall-of-fame. Here are some fashion trends that will hopefully never make a come-back:
Crocs: Sorry guys but these shoes aren’t really classified as shoes in the fashion world. Sure they’re comfy and come in every shade of the rainbow, but these frumpy clods of rubber should never leave your dorm. They make great house shoes, but that’s it.
Pajamas: It’s likely that you were running on less than six hours of sleep when you donned those flannel concoctions to class. But pajamas are just plain tacky. Remember guys, just because you roll out of bed 20 minutes before class starts, that doesn’t mean you have to look like you did.
Nerd glasses: I’ll admit I have a pair of these, and, truth be told, I thought I looked pretty cool in them, too. But these glasses should be used as a Halloween costume or a play prop. They’re bulky and they draw to much attention, in a bad way. Plus, I don’t think “nerds” have worn these huge, black-framed glasses since the 60s.
Bright leggings: They’ll probably make you go blind if you stare at them for too long. These colorful nylons don’t really spice up the outfit. Leggings are still very much in, but stick to the neutral colors. Save the bright ones for those 80s costume parties.
High school labels: This trend always seems to be re-instated every year with incoming freshmen. Sorry newbies, but Hollister and Abercrombie labels do not belong in college. Though those labels that were plastered all over your T-shirts in high school were a fashion must-have, they’re not fashionable for adults.
Via The Huffington Post
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