5 Overlooked Items for a Dorm Room

On my last college visit to University of Tulsa, I realized after talking to my overnight host and a few of her friends, that there are many small things students take advantage of having at home and then completely forget to take with them to their dorms. While some items may seem insignificant, some can probably help keep you better organized, not only in your dorm, but with your daily schedule.
1. Calendar – Any type of calendar or agenda you can keep handy on which to write important dates. One good idea is a dry-erase calendar for your dorm, so if any dates change, they can easily be wiped off and corrected without having to scribble something out. A dry-erase calendar is also nice because it never “expires”.
2. Scissors – As odd as scissors may sound, they are one of those items you always have and never realize how often you use them. Whether it’s to cut tags off of something or to work on a project, scissors are important, and having a pair handy may be a good idea.
3. Bath Robe – Generally people don’t want to see you walking around without any clothes on, so when you are running back and forth between your room and shower, a bath robe would be great. Not only will it keep you warm, it will keep you from being exposed!
4. Towels / Sheets – Having multiples of both will be helpful. When towels and sheets are dirty and you don’t have time to wash them, it’s nice to know you have extras and won’t have to find time right away to wash your towels or sheets.
5. Laundry Detergent – Much like scissors, this may seem like a “duh” item, but I’m sure many students forget to bring it and end up having to pay more than they should or have to wait to do their laundry because they don’t have any detergent!
So there are five items that every college kid should take with them to have in their dorm and at their access at any given point in time.