5 Surprising Celebrity College Dropouts

Who said you had to get a degree to be successful? Don’t get me wrong; college has started many down the road of success, but there are several of today’s rich and famous who just couldn’t seem to make it to graduation today.
Here’s a list of five celebs that made it big without a degree:
Rush Limbaugh: One of America’s most famous talk-show radio hosts, Limbaugh completed one year at Southeast Missouri State University before he decided to drop out. Whether you agree with his conservative ideas or not, he’s undeniably a household name, and it didn’t take a degree to make him famous.
Dustin Hoffman: Ironically, The Graduate star never made it to cap and gown day. It only took him one year to decide that Santa Monica City College wasn’t for him. Luckily, he didn’t let his lack of a degree get him down. He’s considered one of Hollywood’s best leading men.
Cindy Crawford: It’s no surprise that Crawford chose a life of modeling over late-night cramming. She received a scholarship to Northwestern University to study chemical engineering, but she only spent one quarter at the university. The supermodel went on to have an award-winning career including earning the number 3 spot on VH1’s Hottest Hotties of the 90s list, being named one of People’s most beautiful people in 1993 and Shape Magazine’s second most beautiful woman in 1997.
Bill Murray: The SNL star dropped out of Regis College after he was arrested for possession of marijuana, but some may argue if it weren’t for his small mistep, Murray may have never joined forces with comedic greats like Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and John Belushi.
Russell Brand: The outrageous, popular comic and Forgetting Sarah Marshall star attended not one, but two performing arts schools. He briefly studied at both the Italia Conti Stage School and the Camden Drama Centre. His time there was short, and in an interview with the Guardian, Brand reveals he was kicked out “for smashing things up, crying and cutting myself and breaking down in tears all the time.” Sounds about right.
Via The Huffington Post
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