5 Things to Remember the Day of Your SAT/ACT Test

Whether you’re preparing for the SAT, ACT, or both- these are some good tips to apply for healthy preparation.
1. Number 2 Pencils– Be sure to bring PLENTY of them, too! Although the testing site may say they provide you with pencils if you forget them, don’t count on the pencils being the greatest! Be sure also to bring plain wood number 2s because the use of mechanical pencils is not allowed on standardized tests.
2. Calculator– Although calculators are not REQUIRED they come in handy when more complicated math problems come up on either test. Graphing calculators are allowed, but be sure to double check on the test’s website if your calculator make/model is allowed or not. Be sure, if using a graphing calculator, to throw in some extra batteries or change them the night before. Would hate to remember your calculator then have it die half way through a problem on the test! Or bring a back up calculator if you don’t have batteries or won’t have time to get any.
3. Snacks and Water– Although you aren’t allowed to eat or drink while the test is taking place, there are small breaks between sections, giving you time to not only stretch, but also a little time to munch! Keeping your metabolism up will help you stay awake and alert so that you will be able to address each question to the best of your ability!
4. Admissions Ticket– Whether you register online or by mail for the test, you should receive an admissions ticket telling you details such as time and location and date of your test and other rules. Be sure to bring this paper along because it shows proof of registration and is required at the beginning of your test or else you won’t be allowed in. Also be sure to bring a current photo ID, they require this also with the admissions ticket.

5. Yourself!– Be sure the night before you get a good night’s sleep, don’t stay up late cramming last minute facts into your head on some scientific theory that may not even show up on the test. Eat a good breakfast the morning of and pump yourself up by listening to your favorite song!