5 Things You Don't Need to Bring to College

If you haven’t packed for college yet, you’re probably stressing over what to bring and what not to bring. Truth is, you probably won’t need to bring half of the stuff that you thought you would. Read through this list and exclude these items so you don’t stuff your already cramped dorm with unnecessary stuff:
High school notes: Sure these notes probably helped you pass geometry, but they’re no match for calculus. You’ll have plenty of time to fill out that empty spiral notebook with new math equations.
High school t-shirts: You will get plenty of free ones if you attend your college’s events. Plus, upperclassmen can spot a newbie by spotting your home-town tees. Not to mention, your closet will really need the extra space.
TV: Chances are that either your roommate or your dorm’s rec hall will have a TV. Having a TV in your room will only keep you from socializing. Instead of watching Seinfeld re-runs by yourself, join your fellow classmates in the rec hall. This is awesome bonding time and a great way to meet new friends.
Lanyard: Sorry guys, but these nerdy contraptions aren’t as necessary as you might think. You’re better off finding a wallet with an ID holder.
Unnecessary decorations: Keep your picture frames to a minimum, and replace them with a trendy pin-up board. Leave the scented candles at home because they’ll never get used and don’t bother buying decorative pillows; it’s unlikely that you’ll ever make your bed, and the pillows will spend most of the time on the floor.
Your car: Most college students don’t need a car, especially if the college is located in a large metropolitan area. Before you decide to bring a car, see what kinds of mass public transit the city has. Bus passes are generally cheaper than paying for gas, and paying for parking is always a pain.
College is a time for new beginnings, so start fresh with just the essentials.
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