5 Ways to Get on Your Professor's Good Side

Looking to make a good impression this year so you can score that “A”? Read these tips on how you can become the teacher’s pet.
Get there early: Arrive 5 minutes early. This is not only a sign of responsibility, but a sign of respect, too. At the very least, never be late to class. Not only is it embarrassing, but the most important material from your professor’s lesson is generally given at the beginning.
Never miss a class: A college student that shows up to every class is a rare gem. Teachers get paid whether you show up to class or not, but they like to see that you’re there to learn and not just to pass. If you do miss class, always let the professor know why, and ask how you can make up for time missed. Your teacher will appreciate that you’re taking initiative to stay on top of the course material.

Ask questions: The more in-depth questions you ask, the better. Complex questions show that you’re paying attention in class. Additionally, if a professor has a short lesson plan, he or she may look to students’ questions to fill up the rest of the time.
Join a club that he or she sponsors: This is one of the best ways to get on a professor’s good side if you’ve made a bad first impression. A teacher will always favor students that share their same passions. It’s unlikely that he or she will give you an “A” just for joining a club, but your teacher may be more inclined to give you extra credit or let you make up missed assignments.
Do your homework: It’s an obvious point, but nothing disappoints professors more than not doing what is asked of you. Although homework typically doesn’t count as a large percentage of your grade, your instructor likes to see that you’re doing your fair share of learning outside of class.
Warning!: Keep in mind that teachers won’t just give you a good grade because you’re a suck-up. You have to earn it. However, if your instructor favors you, and if you have a borderline grade, he or she may be more likely to bump you up a couple of percentage points at the end of a semester.
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