5 Ways to Save on College Textbooks

Scared to step into your college bookstore? Paying full retail prices for your textbooks can really put a dent in your checking account. There’s no way to avoid buying textbooks. You need them for class, but nobody said you had to pay full price for them.
Read these tips and save big money:
Shop online: is a great place to find used textbooks online. The website searches other websites selling used textbooks and finds you the best price. All you need to do is search for the textbook by its ISBN to get the perfect match. I personally have saved up to 90 percent by using this website. lets you rent college textbooks at less than half the cost of purchasing one. Keep in mind that you will still have to pay shipping, and if you lose or damage it, you have to pay for it outright.
Check the bulletin boards: Students that took the course last year will sell you their used copies much cheaper than the bookstore. Even better, your fellow classmates may be open to negotiating their price if they are having a hard time selling the it. Don’t feel bad about asking if they’ll take less.
Share with a friend: Find someone you don’t mind sitting next to in class, and see if you can share a book. Prior to your first test, be sure to plan study sessions together and discuss who will get the textbook on certain days of the week.
Purchase an old edition: Talk to your professor before you do this. In most cases, old editions have the same kind of material and are a quarter of the cost of new ones. Your professor will likely have both the old and the new edition, so they’ll be able to tell if there’s much of a change.
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