6 Ways to Have the Best Time in College

Those four years fly by fast, and college is a time in your life where you’ll have the least responsibility with the most independence. The best way to utilize that time is to have as much fun as possible. Additionally, you should learn as much as you can both inside and outside of the classroom. Take an actual interest in your classes, try new things and meet new people.
Here are six things you must do before you graduate:
Take a random class: Sure, yoga and ceramics may not get you any closer to graduation day, but if it is a class that sounds like lots of fun, then go for it. Even if you’ve gained all of your elective credits, any class that looks like it could relieve your stress and expand your mind will only benefit you.

Date somebody who puts you out of your comfort zone: If you’re really shy, date somebody who’s outgoing. If you’re really conservative, date somebody liberal. Unlikely matches can work out, and even if they don’t, your exact-opposite mate may change your ways of thinking for the better.
Live with a bunch of people: Whether it be a Greek house or a rented house off-campus, living with a bunch of your fellow classmates is the best way to make life-long friends. Plus, you’ll learn to tolerate all different types of personalities.
Eat different foods: Go vegan for a week, or learn how to cook Indian food. I don’t want to get all “60s” on you, but college is all about trying new things. Instead of experimenting with drugs in college, experiment with recipes.
Work as little as possible: It’s hard to do for some of us, but if you can work less than 15 hours a week, then do it. You’ll have your whole life to earn a fat paycheck. College is your time to hang out with friends, study hard, ace your tests and travel.
Travel with your university: Whether it’s an annual trip to Washington D.C. or a tour of Europe, if you have the money and time to travel, go! You can often earn college credit for these trips. Also your professors that chaperone the trip will be able to show you sites and attractions that you wouldn’t be able to find on your own.