Eight Must Haves to Survive the Dorms

First year in the dorms?
Finding out what you’ll need can be hectic. You don’t want to bring everything with you to college, but you also don’t want to be bugging your roommate to borrow the necessities.
Follow this checklist to make sure you’re off to to college well-equipped and stocked with everything you need to make it through your first year.
1. Alarm clock: Mom is no longer going to make sure you’re up in time for math class. Plus, alarm clocks are great for squeezing in those 30-minute naps between classes.
2. Flip-flops: You’re going to need these if your dorm has only public showers. Wearing flip-flops lessens your chances of being exposed to athlete’s foot and harmful bacteria that live on the floor of bathrooms, shower stalls and other public places.
3. Noise-canceling headphones: It’s the only way you’ll be able to crank up the music and not disturb your roommate.
4. Laundry basket: Find one with wheels – Your dorm may be a long way from the laundry room.
5. Stackable crates:You’re going to have to save every last inch of space you can in that tiny room. Stackable crates are awesome because they take up little room; they can be stacked to the ceiling and they provide tons of storage.
6. Computer: Though most colleges have open computer labs, they’re not always open 24 hours. A personal computer will let you work on that five-page paper into the wee hours of the morning.
7. Desk lamp: A small lamp is needed so you don’t wake up your roommate while you’re cramming for that biology test.
8. First aid kit: Check out Red Cross first aid kits as they are more equipped than the ones you find at the supermarket.
Still not sure if you’re ready for the dorms? Contact your roommate and see what he or she has. There’s no point in cramming two of the same items into your dorm. It’s easy to share the big items like the TV or the microwave. you may also want to check in with the residence office to see what kind of appliances are permitted in the dorms.
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