A Freshman Class in Iowa Holds Guinness World Record for Most Twins

I always have trouble remembering people’s names. The first day of class is always tough for me because I’m expected to learn and remember 30 new faces and names. However, if I was a member of the freshman class at Valley Southwoods Freshman High School, the situation would be a little more difficult because there are five sets of identical twins in that class. There are also 11 sets of fraternal twins, which means that there are 16 sets of twins, total.

Evidently someone who wasn’t too busy being overwhelmed by all the new names to learn thought this was a little strange and notified the Guinness World Records people. It seems that a concentration of twins this large was something worth keeping record of, and that’s exactly what the people at Guinness World Records did. After going through their records, Guinness World Records decided that this class of ninth graders in West Des Moines, Iowa had the Most Twins in the Same Academic Year at One School and crowned them record holders.
The students are very excited about their new record. Some, like twins Joseph and Joshua McVay, are hoping the record will have long-term benefits for them in the future.
Not all of the sets of twins have enjoyed being in class together. For example, Logan and Cole Harvey have tried to avoid being in the same class for their past 14-years. They have only ever had three classes together – math in 7th, 8th, and 9th grade. Why?
“Sometimes we get on each other’s nerves,” said Logan.
When the school’s spokeswoman, Lauri Pyatt, told them they would be receiving copies of the Guinness World Record award, several students immediately asked if each person would receive a copy, or it they would have to share with their twin. When Pyatt told them that each student would have his or her own copy, the students were thrilled.
“Good,” one student said. “That’s how it’s supposed to be.”
Via USA Today
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image via Guinness World Records