A Senior's Farewell to High School Football

This past week has been the craziest week for marching band.
Monday we had Band-o-rama (which is when all the bands in USD 259 get together to perform their half time shows), Wednesday we had a marching competition in Andover, KS and on Halloween, of all days, we had our final football game. Unless we win and go on to regionals.
But the thought that this is not only my last football game, but my final performance with marching band is a sad thought for me. For three out of the four years of my high school experience, band has been a big part of a lot of what I’ve experienced. Although I’m not too worried about how well I play my clarinet, but rather I have enjoyed band mostly because of the friends I have made through it and the experiences I have had while in band.
Football also has been one of the biggest things for me in high school. I love the sport and everything about it. I have also had the privilege of watching my football team grow and improve and also have gotten to watch Arthur and Bryce Brown throughout their high school years, getting recognized on a national level because of how much talent they have.
So reason for the sentimental thoughts is because this is the first thing this year I have to say good-bye to. On Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, I will be saying good-bye to my high school football team and participation in marching band. And although at times I may express disgust toward marching band, deep down I really enjoy it and will miss it extremely.