AirTran U Offers Student Discount for Flights

Looking to get away for summer vacation but hesitant because of rising tuition costs and the current economic situation?
AirTran has launched the AirTran U program for anyone between the ages of 18 and 22, allowing students to fly on standby non-stop flights for $49, $69, or $99 per flight to more than 60 different cities domestically. Any connection flights are an additional fee.
Passengers may bring a carry-on item and one personal item, but checked bags are an additional fee. Students must also check in at the company’s ticket counter two hours prior to the departure time to add their name to the standby list and arrive to the gate a half-hour before the boarding time to listen for their name to be called. Flight prices do not include taxes and fees, and AirTran accepts cash or major credit cards. Airtran U also offers students a half A+ Rewards program credit.
The black out dates for the program are July 5, July 11, November 24, November 25-29, and the program ends December 15, 2010.
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