Anthony Weiner College and Educational Background

From 1999 to 2011, Anthony Weiner served as the US Representative for New York’s 9th district; in 2013, he ran for mayor of NYC in 2013. After thirteen years of public service, a sexting scandal prompted his resignation from government and his subsequent divorce from Huma Abedin. Known as a passionate and old-fashioned Democrat, Weiner once had a reputation for making his voice, and not just his sexts, heard. In fact, it was his 2010 speech in defense of 9/11 emergency responders that first rocketed him into the limelight. In his time in government, Weiner campaigned for gun control, pro-choice laws, and broader governmental powers.

By going after rival republican leaders, including George W. Bush, during his time in congress he made his fair share of enemies. Much of his congressional work has been eclipsed by various sexting scandals. Offense range from posting inappropriate photographs on his Twitter accounts to engaging in explicit online chats with various women. His fall from grace between 2011 and 2013 has now been immortalized in Weiner. While he made some poor decisions, Weiner happens to be well-educated. Just like ninety-five percent of congressmen, Anthony Weiner possesses a college degree.

Born on September 4th of 1964 to a public school teacher and a lawyer, Weiner experienced a typical middle-class upbringing. For the vast majority of his childhood, his family resided in Brooklyn. After succeeding on a Specialized High School Admission Test, Anthony Weiner was accepted to Brooklyn Technical High School. Graduating from high school in 1981, he then enrolled at SUNY Plattsburgh to pursue a degree in meteorology. During his time at SUNY, he was an active member of the campus community; Weiner played on the hockey team, became a student senator, and participated in an exchange with The College of William and Mary. Changing interests prompted a switch in major. In 1985, he graduated with a degree in political science. Not long afterwards, he joined the staff of senator Chuck Schumer. His time spent in that office set a strong foundation for his future in public service.