April College Crunch Survival Guide

April is by far, the worst month for college-bound high school seniors. Twelfth-graders are among my best sources, so I sense their pain and want to help ease it.
Everything piles up in April. The month starts with often frightful news about which colleges accepted you and your friends, and which didn’t. By the end of the month you have to decide which school should get your non-refundable deposit to reserve a place in its freshman class. Your favorite school may have wait-listed you, and you have to figure out what to do about that.

Learn more about how you can survive these final weeks of high school and prepare to enter college at Some of their advice includes:

  • How to help grieving friends who may not have gotten the college acceptance letters they’d hoped for.
  • How to finally narrow in on the right college choice for yourself.
  • Taking advantage of colleges’ “welcome weekends.”
  • Get off of your choice college’s waiting list.
  • Manage a poor financial aid offer.