Architecture Majors Hit Hardest by Unemployment

Want job security? Then you may want to consider the following majors: engineering, science, education and healthcare.
A recent report by Georgetown University revealed that if you want to land a job fresh out of college, you have to major in a field that is linked to these fastest growing industries. The study by Georgetown’s Center on Education and the Workforce also reported which majors are failing degree holders.
Architecture grads, for instance, have the highest unemployment rate of their peers. They’ll have to tackle figures of about 13.9 percent due to the decline in housing construction.
The survey also revealed that grads with non-technical degrees are facing tough unemployment rates. Those who majored in the arts have an 11.1 percent unemployment rate. While those with degrees in the social sciences have a rate of 8.9 percent.
Futures look grim for some of those students who want to study their passions in college. “People keep telling kids to study what they love — but some loves are worth more than others,” said one of the study’s authors, Anthony P. Carnevale.
A career in healthcare, engineering, sciences or education is worth more than others. Graduates who chose these majors will only face an unemployment rate of 5.4 percent.
Georgetown also noted that those who held Master’s degrees were more likely to find a place of employment. However, job security varies with fields of study. Take those who work in healthcare. Those only obtaining Bachelor’s degrees have lower unemployment rates when compared to those with graduate degrees in nearly every other field.
The downturn in the economy will force college students to make cold, hard decisions about their education. Students seeking out non-technical degrees may have to forgo their passions and pick a field of study that will land them a job right out of college.
Via The Sacramento Bee