Attic Journals Offers Creative Notebooks and Journals

The start of a new semester means brand new school supplies. And the best part of school supplies for me is the new notebooks. They are full of blank pages that I can fill up with doodles when I’m bored in class, or I mean blank pages to take notes on during class.
Either way, I like notebooks. I also use them to write down my thoughts before I go to bed at night. I usually look for interesting or unique notebooks. Sometimes I take a regular spiral-bound notebook and design my own cover.
I’m actually in need of a new journal for 2010. I went to a local bookstore where I usually get my journals, but I couldn’t find one I liked. I had decided to make my own, but then I found Attic Journals.
Attic Journals was created in 2004 in Portland, Oregon. The founder, Michelle Sanders, created her business while rummaging through old books at a garage sale. She was looking for a journal for herself or a gift for a friend with “eclectic taste.” Sanders decided to combine her two needs when she found a beautiful tattered book. This book was the first of many. Sanders takes the covers off these older books and rebinds them as journals and notebooks, creating beautiful works of art.
So, if you like to write or draw or just take class notes in a creative notebook, check out Attic Journals. Each journal is only $15, including shipping and handling.