Babylon for Mac Users Offers Great Translation Services

Have you ever needed to translate something into a different language and made a translation error that ended up being quite embarrassing?
Once, I was rushing to finish an essay for my Spanish class and used an online translator to finish it up. There were a few words that did not translate well and it was quite awful explaining to my teacher what I had done.
Now, I’m not condoning using an online translator to get a good grade in your foreign language classes, but translators can be a great tool in helping you complete assignments, look up words and better understand the language you are trying to learn. That’s where Babylon comes into the picture.
Babylon is a computer software program that offers dictionary and translation services in 75 different languages with 1,400 sources. These multiple sources help guarantee that your translations will be accurate, even if you are using slang terms. Some of the languages that are offered include Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish, and many more.

Babylon has created a new version for Mac users. The Mac software was recently awarded a Guinness World Record for having the most downloads of a translation application. There are currently more than 100 million users using the software program. The Mac version of Babylon contains all of the great translation programs that Babylon has become known for, while also having new and updated content, such as Wikipedia in 21 languages.
To download Babylon Mac V3, click here.