Senioritis Lingers as Holiday Break Ends

Today was the last day of break and I must be honest, I’m not ready to return to school and my routine I have during the week. Break has allowed me to go to sleep and wake whenever I want, do whatever I want, and be with friends and family constantly. Now school begins in less than 12 hours and I’m torn between returning and not leaving my break.
The hardest thing during second semester, that almost all seniors deal with, is senioritis. While many of us may have felt it once or twice, I can tell it’s starting to grow and I know it will be much harder to go through my second semester. While I know I’ll be dealing with senioritis, I also realize I cannot allow for it to get the best of me. Although all my college applications are finally complete, I still have IB tests to take in May, and if I wish to do well on these tests, I realize I must do well in my classes. Of course, not everyone has these tests to deal with, but this does not mean you can slack off! Stick with your classes as second semester progresses because it doesn’t all end after your final semester. After high school, the same routine will be re-introduced to you in college. And although you will have more freedom in college, you will still have to deal with routine and doing some stuff you may not enjoy doing.
So as second semester begins, remember to do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and finish your year strong!