Barnes and Noble Makes E-Textbook Buying Easier with Nookstudy

Barnes and Noble has made it easier than ever for college students to access electronic textbooks. The bookstore chain is teaming up with Blackboard Inc., a provider of software to educational institutions, and the partnership hopes to launch this integration in the fall.
How will it work? Simple. When you log on to your Blackboard account and click on one of your enrolled courses, you’ll find links to electronic versions of the course’s textbooks. You’ll be able to both purchase and download these required texts all in one place.
In addition, the two companies will work to make Blackboard content coexist with Barnes and Noble’s new eTextbook reader, called Nookstudy.
The good news of e-textbooks: they’re roughly half the cost. The bad news is you can’t sell them back to the bookstore and electronic versions often have expiration dates. To make sure you’re getting the best possible deal, compare the electronic version’s price to that of the used hard copy.
Via Crunch Gear
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