Best Colleges for Training Like an Athlete

With the 2010 Winter Olympics in full swing, the motivation to get moving and get in shape just like the Team USA athletes is contagiously inspiring.
While it may be too late to capitalize on the Olympic dreams you had when you were eight-years-old, it’s never too late to workout like a professional athlete, even if you’re a busy student.
Here are the top five schools where staying fit is as much a part of the collegiate experience as cramming for finals and paying too much for college textbooks. Just keep in mind that there is no special ranking to this list.
1.) University of Colorado at Boulder: With access to parks, canyons and trails, Boulder is a fitness enthusiast’s dream. All you have to do is simply step outside of your dorm room, lace up a pair of hiking shoes, strap on a pair of skies, slip on a pair of ice skates or snow shoes or roll out your yoga mat. Getting in shape is really that simple for students in Boulder.
2.) Montana State University: Love to hike? What about fish or rock climb? At Montana State University at Bozeman, you have access to canyons, rivers, trails and mountains, since the city is surrounded by four Rocky Mountain ranges as well as rivers and trails, making it veritable dream for hikers, bikers, and rock climbers.
3.) University of Virginia: Located in Charlottesville just at the foothills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, at the University of Virginia, you can tire your leg muscles out by cycling on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park or you can get sculpted biceps and triceps by canoeing, fishing, or tubing on the nearby James River.
4.) Northern Arizona University: Arizona may be hot and dusty, but it is also a mecca for outdoor activity. There are numerous trails and canyons for hiking and mountain biking. In addition, when the snow falls in Flagstaff, it really snows making it an awesome spot for skiers and snowboarders.
5.) University of Iowa: Cornfields? Yes. State parks, recreation areas, cliffs, trails and preserves? Also yes. University of Iowa is brimming with opportunities for you to get in shape irrespective of the season. Grab your roommate and get moving!
If you need further inspiration to workout like an Olympic athlete, check out this slide-show: