Best End of Year Gifts for Teachers

As the spring semester draws to an end, it’s time to start thinking about appreciation gifts for your child’s teacher. We often love to give teachers sentimental gifts, but we tend to overlook the more practical ones.
Mugs, apple-themed knick-knacks and other trinkets are cute, but this year, get your child’s teacher something they’ll really want or need. All of the below gift ideas can be under $20, depending on how much you want to spend, and will do more than just sit on their desk collecting dust.

Teacher Needs
School supplies: Teachers often don’t have room in the budget for school supplies, so they are forced to buy those every day items with their own money. Give them something they need, and place items like chalk, pencils, dry-erase markers and stickers in a gift basket.
Board games: Educational or not, board games are a classroom necessity. Games for entertainment, like Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders, are perfect for indoor recess, while learning games can be used in a lesson.
Gift cards: Give your child’s teacher a gift card to a local education supply store. There, they can buy room decorations, teaching tools and other school supplies.
Teacher Wants
Caffeine: Starbucks gift cards are perfect. However, a large package of a gourmet brew will also be appreciated.
Scented goods: Female teachers will enjoy bath salts and body lotion, while male teachers will appreciate cologne and aftershave. Scented candles will work for both.
Dinner: Buy them a gift certificate to a local steakhouse or cafe. Have your child do a little research, and have them find out what the teacher likes to eat.
Most of all, teachers want to be told that they really are appreciated. So, when you send your child off to school with the gift, be sure to add a thank you note for all that they do.
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