Best Fitness DVDs for College Students

Going to college, for some students, can be the start of weight gain. Many college students find that they are not as involved with sports or activities as they were in high school and that can lead to gaining weight. There is often the problem of extra calories by way of pizza, alcoholic beverages and other unhealthy foods that students have easy access to because they are cheap and plentiful.
Going to college doesn’t have to turn into a curse for your figure. Typically, colleges offer a nice gym facility that is accessible to students as long as they are enrolled. Not everyone enjoys going to the gym, though. Some people are more comfortable exercising at home in private. For those students wanting their own private getaway to exercise without blowing the college budget on a complete home gym, we’ve compiled a list of fitness DVDs that will be great for working out in your dorm room.
An important thing to look for when you’re trying to find a good fitness DVD is that it gives you good results, is fun, offers variety and doesn’t require lots of extra equipment. The DVDs below meet that criteria and done on a regular basis, can get you great results.

  • Walk Away the Pounds – This workout is easy on the joints and involves walking in place with the DVD. The workouts are available in distances from one mile all the way up to five, and because you’re walking, you don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors below you. This one is also good no matter what your fitness level. Be sure to have the right gear when you go running or jogging. As reported by Lilly Harvey of ShoeAdviser, wearing the wrong kit could mean injuries further ahead. You wouldn’t ask a tennis player to play with a baseball bat, right? There are a lot of options there for women and men’s shoes for working out. You can start with the one mile and work your way up through other longer distance DVDs.
  • Dance Off the Inches Cardio Hip-Hop – This DVD offers a cardio workout in the way of hip-hop dance. The DVD is led by dancer and personal trainer Jennifer Galardi. This DVD gives you a total body workout that burns calories. You can do this work out in your dorm room and there is no additional equipment needed.
  • 10 Minute Solution: Dance Off Belly Fat – This DVD combines several workouts each only ten minutes long. All of the workouts are tied to dance and they all target belly fat. You can burn several calories by doing all the workouts at once or just fit in one ten minute workout when you have the time.
  • The Firm Power Half Hour – This entire workout is only 31 minutes and it’s packed with fat burning moves. This workout is quick and effective. It does require a set of three and a set of five pound dumbbells. This DVD targets the abs as well as the upper and lower body, and its quick time frame is perfect for doing between classes or before you get going for the day.

If you want to spend a bit more money and go with a full set of workout DVDs, some of the best options include Tae Bo, Zumba and P90X. You don’t have to devote a ton of time to working out, but incorporating one of these DVDs a few times each week will definitely help you keep those extra pounds away.