Best Spring Break of Your Life: 10 Destinations for Every College Budget

By Jessica Tholmer

We are quickly approaching spring break, arguably the best time of the year. If you are planning a trip this year, there are some hot spots you can’t miss if you want to have the perfect vacation. Though Cabo is always a good time and Padre is pretty predictable, this year we’ve found even more interesting places to consider for your escape from campus.

Here are some of the hottest spring break destinations for you and your pals.

Dominican Republic

Gorgeous views, warm weather, perfect beaches — isn’t this what spring break is all about? The nightlife in the DR is always memorable as well! You’re only about 80 miles east of Puerto Rico and have access to several (money saving) all-inclusive resort options.

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Strip may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think “spring break,” but why shouldn’t it be? Las Vegas is always a good time, and it is a very accommodating city for big groups of people. Again, you can make it a pretty affordable stop. Not to mention, the weather in Vegas is always optimal.

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Miami, Florida

The gorgeous beaches, warm South Florida sunshine, and awesome nightclubs will make your spring break well worth the wait. Plus, the Latin food, tasty cocktails, and supreme shopping make it memorable, too.

Negril, Jamaica

Jamaica on the whole is undoubtedly beautiful, but Negril is the spot to go for spring break. Occupying the western-most point of this island nation, Negril has great hotels, a hoppin’ nightlife, and a terrific crowd during spring break. Plus, rum, reggae, and riptide rapids keep you on your toes!

Acapulco, Mexico

The resorts are incredible, the weather is perfect, and the party scene is epic during spring break. Acapulco has a lot to offer other than partying as well. Soak up the sun on the southwest side of Mexico while cliff diving, tanning, and sipping on fresh margs.

Cocoa Beach, Florida

No passport? No problem! This gorgeous Florida beach hit the top of the list on USA Today’s spring break beach report in recent years, and there is good reason. Cocoa Beach was well-known during the 1960s and ’70s as a party spot, and though it has toned down since the wild days, it still offers warmth, beauty, and a ton of fun. If you want all the sand, sun, and fun without maxing out your credit card, this is the spot!

South Padre Island, Texas

This south Texas city is a go-to spring break hot spot. Not only is the gulf island beautiful, warm, and luxurious, but it is affordable for any budget. And let’s be real — the only thing more important than beach selfies is affordability.

Sanibel Island, Florida

The calming white sands of Sanibel Island offer the perfect getaway for spring break. Go shopping at the cutest boutiques while you soak in the sun on a relatively quiet, warm beach. If you are less of a party animal, and more of a beach-reader, Sanibel is your place.

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Kauai, Hawaii

Though Kauai is not making anyone’s list of cheapest spring break destinations, it is exceptionally beautiful and worth the trip if you can swing it. Kauai has awesome beach activities like snorkeling, surfing, and hiking. If you are outdoorsy and want to spend your vacation getting to know a whole new world, Kauai’s rain forests and hiking are calling you.

San Diego, California

Miles and miles of beach, consistently sunny weather, and true Californian culture all await you in San Diego. The nightlife is always lively, but if you are interested in exploring shops, restaurants, and one of the nation’s best zoos, San Diego is going to satisfy all of your vacation needs.

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