Brett Hoebel's Education Background

One of the two new trainers introduced in season 11 of The Biggest Loser, Brett Hoebel has studied physical fitness from many different angles. He was a high school athlete who played lacrosse, football and also wrestled.
Hoebel grew up in Princeton, New Jersey and attended Claremont McKenna College. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree with a dual major in psychology and biology. He later took biomedical science classes at Rutgers University.
However, Hoebel has not always been a healthy weight. Between the ages of 11 and 15, he was about 50 pounds overweight. But Hoebel had a life changing summer after his freshman year of high school, when he attended several sports camps and lost his excess weight. “These struggles have shaped who I am and are why I ended up in this career,” said Hoebel in a press release.
Hoebel’s passion for fitness has led him to study many different physical fitness techniques. He has certifications in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching, Hatha Yoga instruction, prenatal and postpartum conditioning, Corrective Holistic Exercise Kenesiology, Olympic Lifting and Kettle Bell instruction. Hoebel has combined his wealth of fitness knowledge to create RevAbs, a workout DVD series, and reVamp, a personal training and fitness system.