Buy Chipotle This Week to Teach Farm to Table Principles to Kids

Chipotle continues to challenge what fast food looks like. The Mexican grill chain has always stood out from the crowd by choosing integrity with their products. They are committed to getting the very best ingredients, which are raised with respect to the animals, farmers, and environment. This month, the restaurant is going even further by providing funds to a fantastic organization called Veggie U.
All kids meal purchases from August 24 through August 31 will benefit Veggie U, and if consumers save their receipts they can come back in September for a free kids meal as well.

Up to $250,000 in proceeds will go toward Veggie U, a national non-profit that offers a great “Earth to Table” science curriculum to fourth grade and special needs classrooms. The curriculum was developed in an effort to decrease childhood illnesses and increase children’s awareness of healthy food and sustainable agriculture. The Ohio-based program aims to have their curriculum in 93,000 fourth grade classrooms nationwide.
During “Earth to Table” students are outfitted with a complete grow kit that includes seeds, soil, grow lights, and even a worm farm. The children go through the entire growing process and even get to eat their harvest at the end of the lesson. Children walk away with an understanding about healthy food and farming that no textbook can teach.
The program has been designed by a team of professionals ranging from chefs, farmers, doctors, and educators. They have found that children benefit from understanding the connection between the food they eat and how it’s grown. The program is striving to help kids get healthy because they believe healthy kids learn better and become active members in their communities.
This is an all-around great deal. You buy your kids one of Chipotle’s great meals this next week, you help fund a great health and science program, and then you get to come back in for a free kid’s meal. The question isn’t “will I go?” It’s, “how many times will I go this week?”