Can There be any More Graduation Parties?

After school is out, and graduation approaches, the main event that begins to take up a lot of time are the grad parties. Attending grad parties, in my opinion, are important to attend. Although there may be a number of them and you may be attempting to squeeze many into one day, I think making as many as you can should be a priority.
Yesterday a friend and myself managed to make one recital and then made it to five grad parties. Although the amount of driving may be ridiculous and you may not get to spend much time at each party, people appreciate it even when you take time to stop by and even just say hello and talk for a couple of minutes. I think of it as I want these people to come to my parties and if it’s at all possible to attend theirs, I will. Of course, it can be difficult if you have family coming in from out of town like myself. I have my aunt coming in from Portland and I know it will be difficult to attend parties and spend time with family, but I will do my best to keep it balanced!
While it may be a crazy time, try to attend the graduation parties you can! It’s important to those who invite you that you come to their parties and I’m sure you want them to attend yours as well!