Cancer Support Organizations Provide Scholarship Opportunities for Those In Need

Cancer is scary. It’s scary to think about, and even worse to experience. It also takes incredible strength to fight cancer or support someone you love who is. Two organizations are doing their best to provide hope and comfort to those individuals who have experienced or are currently experiencing the difficulties of cancer.
The Mesothelioma Group and the American Childhood Cancer Society are two of many organizations who hope that by providing support and information to families facing cancer, they can also offer some level of stability and normality to their lives. One way both organizations are doing this is by providing scholarship opportunities for families in need.
Paying for college is a hard enough prospect to face, even without the additional hardship of supporting a family member through cancer treatments or experiencing the illness yourself. By providing scholarship opportunities, these organizations make the possibility of college a little more of a reality. Each organization offers something a little different, so it’s just a matter of finding which opportunity works best for the individual.

The Mesothelioma Group has recently announced a new scholarship opportunity for students who have been affected by cancer. applicants are asked to simply share their story. Whether they supported a parent through treatment or fought the illness themselves, they are encouraged to write a 500-1,500 word essay describing how cancer affected their lives.
Academic standing, financial need, and volunteer work will also be considered in addition to the essay. Winners of the scholarship will receive $1,500.

The American Childhood Cancer Society provides information about a number of scholarships on their website. Many of the scholarships are for survivors of childhood cancers or other life-threatening diseases.
In addition to providing information about potential financial aid, the American Childhood Cancer Society also shares information about awareness and advocacy as well as the latest research about childhood cancer.
Both organizations are committed to raising awareness and finding a cure for cancer, whether through advocacy or scholarship opportunities. Ultimately, both organizations are looking to the future of cancer patients, their families, and survivors and doing their
best to provide them with every opportunity.
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