Celebrity College Graduates

Too often the media reports when a star has opted out of a college career to pursue their dream of fame and fortune. But here is a list of some celebrities who were able to balance exams, excel and live their dreams:
Howard Stern: Boston University, Communications major.

  • President Barack Obama: Columbia University, Political Science major.

Stephanie Meyers: Brigham Young University, English major.
Oprah Winfrey: Tennessee State University, Speech and Drama major.
Adam Sandler: New York University, Fine Arts major.
Donald Trump: University of Pennsylvania, Economics major.
Meryl Streep: Vassar College, Drama major and Yale Drama major.
Jay Leno: Emerson College, Speech Therapy major.
Ashton Kutcher: University of Iowa, Biochemical Engineering major.
Natalie Portman: Harvard, Psychology major.