Cell and Cell Structure App Makes Biology Fun

I hated my freshman biology class! My professor was a billion years old and she made biology seem about as interesting as watching paint dry. Actually, one day, I did literally watch the paint dry on the wall across the hall instead of actively listening to my professor. Sadly, there were very few fun, interesting, and actually educational resources available in my classroom. If only my professor had an iPad.
Brand new to the Apple iPad, Cell and Cell Structure has been named one of the New and Noteworthy apps. So what is this app? Well, the name basically sums it all up. Cell and Cell Structure is a science-based app that teaches users about cells and their various structures through interactive activities, videos, and diagrams.

Using diagrams and interactive activities, Cell and Cell Structure teaches concepts that my freshman biology professor could never have gotten through to me. Also, the diagrams are much more realistic and informative than anything that was featured on the overhead projector. The videos are also very helpful because they depict how a cell works in a much more accurate manner than just a drawing.
This app really makes it better and easier for anyone who wants to learn basic information about cells and their structure should check this app out. Also, for a limited time, the app is being offered at half-price for only $1.99. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.