CEOs Who Didn't Graduate College

College may not be for everybody. Having your degree is very important, especially in this job market, but there are definitely some exceptions to that rule. There are a few entrepreneurs that have been incredibly successful and never finished their formal education. So for those of you wait-listed students who may not even get the chance to go to your dream B-school, you may be inspired by the following group of CEOs. Not only did they not get graduate degrees, they didn’t get undergraduate degrees – and some never even attended college!
“Of course, not having a degree didn’t stop them from being a big name on campus. You’ll find Alfred Taubman’s name at Brown, Harvard, the University of Michigan, and Lawrence Technological University; at least one building on each campus bears his name, although the retail magnate and philanthropist never finished college.”
The Yahoo! list includes 16 well-known CEOs, some of which include:

  • Bill Gates – Microsoft
  • Phillip Ruffin – Treasure Island casino owner
  • Michael Dell – Dell Computers
  • Richard Branson – Virgin
  • John Paul DeJoria – Paul Mitchell hair care

My advice is, however, unless you are on your way to developing the next Microsoft rival, or have an idea for a shopping mall empire, I suggest you finish your degree.
via Yahoo!