Christine Todd Whitman Education Background

Former head of the EPA Christine Todd Whitman.
Christine Todd Whitman was born to Webster and Eleanor Todd on September 26, 1946 in New York City. She grew up in New Jersey, and was a student at Far Hills Country School as well as Chapin School in New York City.
She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wheaton College in 1968, and shortly following graduation, she began work on Nelson Rockefeller’s presidential bid.
Whitman is a descendant of two of New Jersey’s most powerful political families, the Todds and the Schleys, and she married John R. Whitman with whom she had two children.
Whitman ran for governor of New Jersey in 1993 and became the first female governor in the state’s history. In her tenure as governor, voters approved a proposal to use funds from the state to help preserve one million acres of fields and farmland. She signed into act many anti-crime bills, including Megan’s Law.
Her last government job came courtesy of former President George W. Bush when he appointed her to head of the EPA. While she is no longer politically involved in any elected position, she currently heads an energy lobbying group called the WSG.