Cindy McCain's College Record

Cindy McCain, the wife of Republican presidential candidate John McCain, may fool you. With her cheerleader blonde good looks — and, indeed, she was a college cheerleader — the first impression that many people have of this child of wealthy parents is that she’s a bit of a trophy wife to her significantly older husband.
But don’t let appearances fool you. She’s no spoiled snob. Did you know that Cindy McCain was a special ed teacher?
Cindy McCain — whose maiden name was Cindy Lou Hensley — graduated from Central High School in Phoenix, Arizona in 1972, where she earned the title of Rodeo Queen and was voted Best Dressed. She then went on to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (which, according to unconfirmed rumors throughout the blogosphere, John McCain has referred to as the “university of spoiled children.”) McCain earned a BA in education in 1976, and then earned an MA in special education in 1978. Although McCain came from a privileged background, she declined a role in her family beer distribution business, and instead went on to become a special ed teacher who worked with children with Down’s syndrome.
Pretty impressive, especially compared to her husband, who graduated 894 out of 899 in his Naval Academy class.
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