Cleaning Supplies and School Supplies: Both Required

As school budgets shrink, parents are being asked to pick up the slack by stocking the janitorial closets. In addition to the usual supplies, first graders in Moody, Alabama, were asked to pack Clorox wipes, garbage bags, tissues and paper towels for the first day of class. At Pauoa Elementary in Honolulu, each student must bring a four-pack of toilet paper. McClendon Elementary in Nevada, Texas, asked pre-kindergartners to bring in a package of cotton balls, two containers of facial tissues, paper sandwich bags and manila construction paper.
“Some of the things that have been historically provided by schools, we’re not able to provide at this point,” said Barbara A. Chester, president of the National Association of Elementary School Principals.
While parents cringe at the additions to the annual school-supply list, retailers are finding a sliver lining to the proposition. Many stores are tailoring their back-to-school sections to include the new demand for cleaning supplies. Walgreens is running a “back-to-school” discount on Kleenex, and OfficeMax is shelving Clorox wipes in its school supply aisles.
Via The New York Times.
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