Cobocards: The New Way to do Flashcards

I am a huge fan of flashcards. I have index card boxes filled with Spanish/English words, the periodic table, Algebra formulas, states and their capitals…The list goes on and on. I think that flashcards are a very effective way to learn new material and to quiz myself over the material. But, let’s face it, they tend to get bulky. Imagine carrying around 300 vocabulary words, each on its own flashcard. It becomes a bit of a burden.
Cobocards is a new webapp that allows you to create flashcards online. Cobocards “is an abbreviation for Collaboration Cards and helps you to easily create flashcards (alone or in a team) to study for whatever you want.” After you create your list of flashcards, you can print them off, share them with friends, compare different lists, and add to your old lists. You can create a “team” with your friends, and together you can collaborate on the flashcards and make sure that you have all of the information you would need to study for your class. The best part is, it’s completely free!
This sounds like a really great study tool to me! You know I am a big fan of flashcards, but this is the new generation of flashcards! (Think the new iPod Touch vs. a Walkman CD player.) I bet that once you try Cobocards, you’ll be reluctant to make your flashcards on those 3″x5″ pieces of paper again!
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