College Applications Are Due When?!

I have already spent countless hours on my college folder, picking schools, fishing through a sea of college mail, and taking the time to look at each school carefully so I know which schools will be right for me. So once I had my 10 schools picked, I sat back and released a sigh of relief. Now I could take it easy.
Well yesterday I had a meeting with my college adviser and I came to realize how much I had to do! Sure I had my schools picked out (which is more than quite a few of my classmates can say), but with such a high number of schools that I plan on applying to, I came to realize how much more work I would be putting into my applications in order to finish them on time. Thankfully, only 3 of my colleges are Early Action, but my college folder is due to my college adviser by September 23rd! Of course, not all my applications are due at this point, only information my adviser and teachers have to send.
Although I want to finish a big chunk of my college applications early, I want to spend a decent amount of time on each of them, and focus a lot on my top 3 colleges. Another thing I will want to spend a lot of time on is the supplement for each school.
For those of you who are reading this and asking “What in the world is she talking about?” let me explain some. For each college, there is their application. Most schools use what is called the Common Application which can be found online. Along with the Common App, most schools use supplements developed by the schools that give a little personal touch to the regular application. For most, the supplement will be an essay (on top of the essay you submit with the Common App), while some schools may pick something else for you to do. But the main goal of the supplement, as I said before, is so that your boring, bland application will have a little more character, allowing the colleges to see more of you than just the numbers you’ve produced during your high school years.
So it is very important for you to get a headstart on your college applications. Whether you are applying to 2 schools or 12 schools, it’s always a good idea to start early, just in case something comes up that can take time away from the application process. Remember also, to spend a good amount of time on the supplement if a school requires one because the supplement is what will allow for the school to see you come through your application rather than just viewing you as a couple of numbers.