College Football Hall of Fame 2009 Inductees

This weekend the College Football Hall of Fame will induct its newest class of players, recognizing those who were outstanding performers during their days in playing for their alma maters.
Both players and coaches are eligible for induction. This year there are 17 players and 4 coaches being recognized by the College Football Hall of Fame.
Some of the players include:
Troy Aikman, UCLA ’87-’88. Went on to win three Super Bowls for the Dallas Cowboys.
Jay Novacek, Wyoming ’82-84. Completed 12 seasons with the Dallas Cowboys.
Thurman Thomas, Oklahoma State ’84-’87. Played four Super Bowls with Buffalo Bills.
Billy Cannon, LSU ’57-59. Won the 1959 Heisman trophy and is now head of dentistry at Angola Federal Penitentiary.
Pat Fitzgerald, Northwestern ’93-’96. Currently the team’s head coach.
Some of the coaches include:

Volney Ashford (deceased), Missouri Valley ’37-’67). Record was 197-55-12.
John Cooper, Tulsa ’77-’84, Arizona State ’85-’87, Ohio State ’88-’00. Record was 192-84-6.
Jim Donnan, Marshall (1990-95) Georgia (1996-2000), 104-40
via USA Today